We are #dtmh

A forward thinking digital studio

By creatively utilising breakthrough design and innovative technology we change your perception of reality.

We are a digital tribe.

We deal with virtual and mixed reality environments, 360 videos, 3d animation, creative applications, data visualisation, prototypes, interaction design, visual design, motion, filming, software, audio and research to evolve through digital innovation.

Let us prove you how there are no boundaries in the digital age we are living.

We have the means to go even further

team balance

Our Team Balance
is based on three pillars


We innovate and create using cutting-edge means of technology surpassing our partners’ expectations.


Using our neverending fuel we lead the audience desires and demands, inspiring and cooperating along with our partners.


We deliver digital services and products with consistency, commitment and results of superior quality on time ahead of our time.

Our clients become our partners.
Here's what they say about us: