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Till Then, #Stay Safe


The video content creation of the “Till Then, #StaySafe” campaign for had a twofold role: On the one hand, the aim of the campaign focused on promoting Greek tourism, Greece’s natural beauty and the unique places travellers can visit. On the other hand, a deeper desire was to communicate and promote messages of hope, optimism and carefreeness in a particularly difficult and unprecedented time worldwide, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The biggest challenge, in collaboration with Marketing Greece, was to raise the audience’s morale, in the midst of the first lockdown in Greece, and with the hope for a better tomorrow, freer, full of journeys and adventures, to offer a moment of refreshment and optimism. At that time, the creative team of the project was working remotely. The strict restrictions imposed to protect the health of people, prevented us from travelling to the wonderful Greek destinations. Through this campaign, however, we can all envision a brighter tomorrow, full of journeys and quests. Promoting the feeling of freedom and escaping from that unusual everyday life, this campaign motivates the public to remain safe until the next day comes.


Marketing Greece


Production Company: DTMH
Client: Marketing Greece
Concept: Marketing Greece
Producer: Afroditi Kantza
Editor: Dimitris Litsas