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Covid-19: A new era in which we have all learned to adjust our daily life to a new reality. What we do know is that the world has changed and that the impact of pandemic is likely to be unprecedented.

DTMH Technologies was present and accomplished in collaboration with Helga, some great things during this difficult period: The Afrilingo Project!

A great idea, a wonderful project, during which, we have managed to create content in 80 languages in order to share the World Health Organization (WHO) messages and help millions of people in Africa to learn the ways they can protect themselves effectively.


Helga Stegmann / Mantaray (2020)

My team and I have spent the past 20 years researching the cultural nuances across Africa. When the Covid-19 pandemic started in March my team started translating the WHO safety messages into 92 African languages.
I contacted Tom from DTMH technologies to assist with taking the African centric illustrations and messages and creating quick social videos for distribution across the social channels.
Tom’s team went above and beyond helping us with the production of these messages helping people survive this pandemic with videos that explains in their language how to survive the pandemic.
Our videos were shortlisted in the UN Creative Challenge.

– Helga Stegmann