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Welcoming autumn with a very positive attitude

We are welcoming autumn with a very positive attitude, mainly because of all the fantastic projects we have been working on lately. We are happy to share them with you.

DTMH member of Tomako Group of companies

Our company is proud to announce that, as of August 2022, it has entered the Tomako Group of companies and is now under further development towards our “Your Gateway to Metaverse” strategy. The Group consists of 4 companies (DTMH, Iphigames, Multitools, Above Digital) and its people and companies produce great experiences and solutions for business and their customers via cutting-edge technology and premium content. 

Tomako Group was built with a vision to be globally recognised as an Eco-friendly organisation, mastering phygital experiences & creating premium content, aiming to create a better world with the use of Technology.

Our EDUTech business division comes out with a bang

We are very happy to announce the official kick-off of our brand new EDUTech business division, focusing on immersive technologies (VR/AR/XR). In DTMH, we approach the EDUTech ecosystem with our “Golden Triangle” strategy (Academia-Entreprise-Government), with the vision to develop unique learning techniques and approaches, and immersive learning experiences, in an inspiring and impactful training environment. 

An innovative and holistic approach to Education and Training, applicable to various industry verticals! From designing mobile VR Training Units to complex XR Training Labs and from ready-to-use training products to custom-made training solutions, see below how we can help you leverage your LMS.


Not sure about how immersive technologies can help you transform your Training techniques? We are always happy to share valuable insights:

Always eager to contribute to the Academia

In Digital Tribe, we strongly believe in the potential of collaborations and synergies between the business and academic communities, with the vision to create a better world. Within this scope, we were very happy to participate in last week’s ERASMUS XR Multiplier Event “The Art and Design of XR”.

Our Founder, Tom Kolokithas presented the vision and challenges behind our VerduSolo product design. A big thank you to the Organizing Committee for giving us the opportunity to present #VerduSolo and showcase it through live demos at the parallel XR Exhibition, where we received valuable feedback from academics, students, and business executives who visited our booth.

Learn more about Verdu Solo

Our Class VR live demo events kick-off

Opening the new academic year with our 1st Live Demo Event of ClassVR! Teachers and representatives of educational organizations had the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on experience of ClassVR, the groundbreaking technology designed to help raise engagement & increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. 

Digital Tribe founder, Tom Kolokithas paved the way by revealing the unlimited opportunities offered by ClassVR educational tool for teachers to create incredible VirtualReality lessons!

Learn more about Class VR and how you can create outstanding learning experiences with it!