Projection Mapping

Mapping projections is a term known also as video mapping and spatial augmented reality.

We are DTMH -your Projection Mapping partner in Greece- and the future is here! Join us!

Project your dreams!

It’s a technology used to turn irregularly shaped surfaces into a display surface for video projection. A method developed at first stages for theatre scenography and building lighting purposes and quickly expanded its use into Cultural and Communications segment and especially on events and brand activations.

The advancement of highly capable content management hardware and 3d projection software, “leveled up” the end-result and equipped creators with a unique tool of expressing themselves through various applications.

Spark your audience!

Via hand and computer artwork we engage audiences with a playful and interactive approach.

We continuously spark a creative revolution by disrupting our thoughts and methods, pushing that way our creativity boundaries and offering unique digital experiences.

Bring a groundbraking show directly to your audience!

Impress and be impressed!

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