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Summer Time Happiness

Mid-year reflection is always something we do!

Humans have been working to obfuscate the distinction between physical and virtual realities since the mid-1950s. Blending the physical and digital worlds has the ability to open up exciting options and create something entirely original.

Did you know that employees train up to four times faster in VR? That 71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR, and Mixed Reality can be used in both Manufacturing, Marketing & Communication, Education, and Healthcare industries?

We saw the opportunities and didn’t stop until we could proudly announce that we now bring those technologies to your doorsteps. In this retrospect, as with all the other DTMH stories posted up ‘til, we present our accomplishments of the past months.

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New kid on the block!

Easy, quick, ready-to-watch, 360° training videos for every industry and all first-line employees. No more time waste, no more time and money-consuming onboardings. We have the perfect solution just for you! Create your customized videos and ensure your team’s continuous growth.

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And don’t forget!

Verdu Solo is still available in the market with 9 ready-to-watch training videos in Greek.

Bringing Cultural Heritage to Life

We were honored that our company had been selected as the only Greek team to present Immersive Technologies for the King & Queen of Belgium, at the event held on May 3, 2022.

The Royal Couple of Belgium, accompanied by the Minister of Culture & Sports, Mrs. Mendoni, and Belgian Politicians & Businessmen experienced two innovative Projects of ours, which are located in the Athens Olympic Museum and the Digital Museum of Ierapetra.

Technology can be an essential ally that brings cultural heritage in life, offers visitors the echo of an ancient period, and helps people see themselves in the story.


In collaboration with FOSS Productions, we had the great pleasure of participating in the launch of the new IQOS ILUMA.

With a static application, played on a touch screen monitor, we invited each participant to choose from 9 different tracks inspired by the sounds of tomorrow, and create their own musical composition that accompanied the unique IQOS vaping experience.

At the same time, a mobile app specifically built for the needs of the IQOS promotion reproduced an audio track and voiceover through the IQOS logo. The primary purpose of this initiative was to introduce the public to the new innovative way of heating tobacco, as a result of the cutting-edge induction heating technology included in the new IQOS. This innovation promises the next level of vaping experience for every vaper.

Metaverse Workshop

VR and AR can improve Education by providing students with memorable experiences that would otherwise not be possible. Augmented and Virtual experiences have the power to engage and inspire students uniquely and powerfully. 


We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with Avantis Education, we now supply schools in Greece and Cyprus with the next cutting-edge teaching and learning tool. ClassVR is a groundbreaking and award-winning VR technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.

JOIST Innovation Park

It was our great pleasure that on Thursday, 19th of May, the DTMH team participated in the first hybrid JOIST event “Innovation Parks as Models for Strengthening Regional Ecosystems”. During this event, DTMH introduced the ClassVR product. This teaching tool uses Virtual & Augmented reality to provide information and enables students and teachers to gain knowledge through experiential learning.

Small Buddies

We had a blast with our new buddies!


Our CSR strategy is not only about finding new ways to give back to our planet and society but also about creating inspirational green collaborations that will help us accomplish our goals and will offer extra value to our efforts.

On Tuesday, 17 May, we participated in the most playful workshop, powered by “Small Buddies” and implemented under the Active citizen’s fund in Greece by CHALLEDU and its partners, KROMA, HETERART, and MYRTILLO, and created new communication channels.

During the event,  we learned more about the SDGs, by playing the  “CSR Manager” Game which offers a different approach to training, offering the feeling of joy and satisfaction to each player.

CVR Anatolia 

It is now official! We have the first Greek school with ClassVR and are incredibly proud of it. Anatolia College, based in Thessaloniki, has integrated the ClassVR teaching tool into the school’s educational process and is now using cutting-edge technology to increase students’ interest rates. With Virtual and Augmented Reality, students achieve learning through experience, which is one of the most effective ways to learn, boosting knowledge retention by up to 75%.

CGS  Kids Triathlon 2022

On Saturday 21st of May, Costeas- Geitonas School (CGS) arranged the 6th CGS Kids Triathlon Race under the auspices of the international organization “Spirit Foundation”, with a great goal to financially support the “Together for Children” association.

Our Digital Studio team was there, responsible for filming the event and for the post-event video production.

Many exceptional things happened during the past months. And many more are yet to come! Isn’t that how we closed the last time; we believe it should be a tradition.

We’ll keep you posted about our next achievements and we look forward to hearing your inspiring ideas!

‘Till then, we wish you a lovely Summer break!