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The Friends of the Child


Since 2013 DTMH has been honored and proud to provide help to the The Charity Association “The Friends of the Child” daycare centre in Metaxourgeio area, in Athens. DTMH help consists of offering food items, stationery such as paper and printer inks, specific needs in children’s nutricion, and detergents on a monthly or bimonthly basis. 

The Charity Association “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” daycare centre for the children under its protection was established in 2007. The association is supported exclusively by private donations and member’s fee.  

The aim of the daycare centre is to provide children with the necessary skills for a better future in an organised safe environment.

Every year, 30 children attend the association’s daycare centre and 250 children are fed on a monthly basis.

Until today, more than 14.000 children have received help from the amazing staff and volunteers of the institution.


Daycare Center (2013-Present)