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Orphanage of Volos


An act of solidarity by Nikos Maggitsis.
And it is an honor for DTMH to be part of it.

Nikos Maggitsis, climber and alpinist from Volos, Greece, has decided, planned and carried out a difficult three-sport activity aiming to financially support the “Orphanage of Volos”.

His effort initially included cycling from Igoumenitsa to Volos, hiking from Litochoro to Agria and canoe kayaking from Thassos to Agria. However, due to the weather, and more, difficult conditions, there was a slight change in the above program, without, though, this affecting Nikos overall endeavour.

The DTMH team, in the context of our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, fully sponsored the video equipment of Nikos Maggitsis initiative and was next to him, in order to support this great attempt.

If you wish to become a part of this chain of love, do not hesitate to offer and donate to the “Orphanage of Volos”.


Nikos Maggitsis