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Nepal Project


What is The Extra Mile?

The Extra Mile is the extra step you make.

It is the extra effort you give.

It is the selfless things you provide.

The Extra Mile comes from you. 

And the Extra Mile stories come from you, based on your ability to think, react, respond, recover, serve and add plus one (Extra Mile) using your best skills in time of need.

And this is what happened in the Nepal Project.


Back in 2017, Lefteris Paraskevas, former champion and member of the national swimming team, current water polo player and triathlete with participations in both national and international long distance competitions and Nikos Maggitsis, Physical Education teacher who is the first Greek athlete to have ever completed the project of “7 summits , Climbing to the highest peak of every continent on our planet, joined forces to break an important world record while helping the Ark of the World.


From 17th April till 4th May 2017,  they traveled to Nepal to attempt, on one hand, to break the 72 hours record, covering one of the most extreme ultra-marathon routes of the world, the Annapurna Circuit, and on the other hand to conquer the top of Pisang Peak at 6100m altitude.


All this effort aimed at raising money and contributing to the construction of a new school and sports facilities, as the buildings at the time were no longer sufficient due to the large increase in the number of children hosted by Kivotos.


DTMH, has supported and believed Lefteris’s vision by providing digital services and equipment in order to boost his great effort. In any case, we strongly believe that only by working as a team, together with those who share a common purpose, can we build a better future especially for vulnerable groups, while cultivating the logic of optimism, ethos and love.


Extra Mile (2017)