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Heineken Star Serve Experience


Heineken Company aimed to create the ultimate draft beer serving experience in Greece. The main objective of this project was to train the chosen bartenders in the ultimate beer serving, using an innovative and unique technique.

The training began by transferring the bartenders to the InterContinental Athens Hotel and then to a specially designed private glass space, overlooking the Acropolis. There, the company had placed 4 beer taps that were used during the event for the bartenders training.

Our company, always in close collaboration with Heineken, undertook to uplift the serving experience, by adding custom made holograms.

We put “flesh on the bones” of top model Vicky Kaya holographic representation, who was welcoming the guests, and Franck Evers who was the global draught master and trainer of Heineken.

DTMH, supported Heineken vision and created a Mixed Reality – Holographic Experience, through which more than 500 employees were trained, for over 3 months.


Frank & Fame