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Depeche Mode Holographic Experience


At the concert of the well-known band, Depeche Mode, that took place at the Terra Vibe Park, Cosmote as a sponsor, decided to uplift the vibes even more, by offering the audience an additional experience. In that context, DTMH designed and created an exceptional holographic event for all people by combining the high technology of Holography with the Immersiveness that it offers.

Our goal was achieved by creating a real, physical stage where, group of friends could go on and pretend to play the music and songs of their favorite band, Depeche Mode, while they were sitting on actual musical instruments.

At the same time, the DTMH team created real-time holographic effects, which enhanced the Mixed Reality feeling. All the happening was filmed and at the end, people were given the audiovisual material to share with their followers on Social Media.