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We are DTMH -your Augmented & Extended Reality (AR & ER) partner in Greece- and the future is here! Join us!

Augmented (ɔːɡˈmɛntɪd):
Having been made greater in size or value.

Augmented Reality (AR) takes our present/physical reality and adds something to it. It does not visually transport us elsewhere but it’s ability to modify and “increase” our current state of our perception, makes this experience almost magical.

To achieve this, usually we use mediums like transparent glasses or incorporated cameras found on our smartphones, tablets or other external devices.

Our Reality is nowadays redefined. Our experiences are enhanced.

By the term extended reality we refer to the technology which combines the physical and virtual worlds in order to produce visualizations where physical and digital elements coexist.

Humans-machines interactions are generated by the usage of immersive media technologies like VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

The result of this coexistence could be described as an Experience of epic proportions, with applications included in Experiential Marketing activations, Retail campaigns and next generation Education tools.

Augmented Reality

With virtual reality, we could swim along with dolphins, with the augmented reality though, we can watch the motion of the planets in our own living room.

AR technology is a precious tool in the hands of marketers, retailers, and corporations aiming to level up their “game”.
AR provides freedom for the user and great possibilities for traders.

Bring AR to your clients, impress them, show them its potential!
Make their experience unique with a customizable AR.

AR Universe is a business unit of #DTMH, which brings to life visualizations like never before with engaging interactive content and the latest in technology.Are you ready to create new digital products or evolve your services, to match the future reality?

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