DTMH news: Quarantine edition

The Covid-19 crisis has suspended all aspects of life as we knew it.

Every change is difficult and the uncertainty for the future is a common thing to all of us. New ways of living and working have been introduced to us and it seems that they are here to stay. Staying close to each other, keeping open channels for communication and finding new approaches on getting things done are what will lead us to the next day.

During the quarantine period and between children, pets, and Netflix we have accomplished some great things that we would like to share with you:

First of all, we are really proud to test and verify that our pre-existing remote processes and tools are able to actually support an entirely Work from Home mode. The cloud solutions we use for the project management and the overall internal and external communications helped our team members to keep a working pace by being clear, organized, prepared and innovative. Also, our daily huddle video meetings helped us to stay in touch, plan the projects and make the work move forward while having fun and trying to support everyone who had difficulties with the work or with their routine.

Last month, we participated in some cool new projects and helped them come into reality.

While the virus was spreading, the message of WHO was necessary to reach as many people as possible. For this reason, we participated in the AfriLingo project creating content in 80 Languages helping millions of people in Africa by sharing the WHO messages. And guess what. We won the UN Creative competition! If you are interested to learn more about this wonderful act, you can read the Medium post of our friend Helga.

We helped Green Panda come to you by spreading their message.

We wrote the script and produced the animated videos to support the new campaign that rolled out at social media, as well as designed the cover of the Green Panda car that will be wandering in the streets of Athens looking to buy your old smartphone.

Trying to adapt into the new reality we found a way to support our clients and we collaborated with Multitools and Spectacle by launching a new product called OnAir. We transformed our own facilities to an Augmentation studio, introducing something new to the Greek market to cover the needs of digital events with the most creative form, using state of the art equipment in order to help our clients get their messages across to their audiences in a new and efficient way.

We are ready for the next day of work and we are looking forward to the upcoming challenges and opportunities, creating a plan of hybrid physical and remote work.

One more thing!

We decided to spend the idle time, being creative and decorating our digital home.

So, we are happy to announce the launch of our brand new website. Feel free to explore it and share any thoughts with us.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay calm. Stay sane.
This too shall pass 🙂