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Digital Tribe Media Hub

“Where your dreams come true & your ideas reality”

The global pandemic of Covid – 19 had a strong impact on the development and growth of companies worldwide. Its 2nd lockdown was another tough time for everyone, but we are very proud to say that our team came out of it safe and sound. Yet, we are even more proud to announce that this challenge allowed us to start thinking outside of the box, expand our horizons, and focus our efforts on delivering something greater!

2021 is the year of evolution, the year of unfolding a great future.

We decided to reopen our doors and welcome new valuable members to our family.

Aris is a talented professional producer with fresh ideas and strong organized skills that joined the Digital Studio team and brings off every task.

Panos is the newest member of the DTMH Technologies department undertaking the role of Extended Reality (XR) Architect. He has successfully developed his own flight simulator for Virtual Reality devices and Smart Phones / Tablets / Computers, and he is now focusing on developing the new cutting-edge DTMH products.

At DTMH we believe that this is the right time for us to share our ambitions and plans with the world.

That would not be possible while maintaining the same structures and procedures. We are now ready to announce our two reformed entities:

DTMH Digital Studio is responsible for all projects that include content, sound, video creation, 3D animations, Projection Mapping, pre and post-production, and filming, and now also owns a filming and green box studio.

DTMH Technologies, is the Digital Tribe’s entity that designs and implements innovative technologies’ projects using Interactive & Experiential Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision solutions, services, and products.

Most importantly we are now officially presenting our full brand name:

Digital Tribe Media Hub

DΤΜΗ, in short, is the place where the craziest ideas, or those that seem impossible at first to happen, gain structures, obtain a team of experts to support them, and finally, become reality. We are a Media Hub that connects people and brands in a unique, extraordinary way, full of innovative experiences and emotions. We do not put barriers in our clients’ and partners’ thoughts and all we are looking for is the opportunity to do the extra mile. Last but not least, our efforts focus on making this team a safe place for all thinkers, dreamers, and explorers to create something big.