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Easter Break approaches and here in the Digital Tribe HQ, our team, old and new members, is keenly discussing some of the amazing moments we experienced during those first 90 days of the year. Our yearly summit, a new strategy for the next 10 DTMH years, a great collaboration that allows us to address new needs and so many other opportunities that could not become reality without the passion and personal effort of the unique Digital Tribe members.


“Your Gateway to Metaverse”

After 10 years of long experience and numerous already implemented innovative projects, DTMH decided that it was time to make that ad hoc requests a solid product list.


The design of the “Gateway to Metaverse” strategy is the effort of our company to offer our clients different solutions that match their needs and will support them in their Digital Transformation.

DTMH Summit 2022

After a long time of remote work, virtual events, and e-meetings, DTMH got together and had a blast in the VR Arena. Our summit included the presentation of the DTMH strategy, goals, and ambitions, the cutting of the traditional Christmas pie with a lucky winner, and an after-party session, with unlimited VR games of all kinds that fully immersed us.

Our Impact

Having a positive impact is vital to our business and the responsibility we want to fulfill every day. In that context, we developed a Corporate Social Responsibility plan, aiming to continue offering the best way we can and never forget our commitment to people, the environment, and society. 


The DTMH Impact is strongly aligned with and supports the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our strategy focuses on addressing them all through multiple initiatives by 2030. To that end, we decided to jump into 2022 by concentrating on the 2nd SDG for Zero Hunger and donating to the World Food Program (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability, and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change.


We continued on the same path, this time by participating in the 6th Papagou – Holargos City Road Race 2022, “We run for Autism”, organized by the Municipality of Papagou – Holargos, in collaboration with the Municipal Organization of Culture, Sports and Environment and Holargos BC, and with the support of local sports clubs and volunteers. This way we achieved the 3rd SDG for Good Health & Well Being, the 5th SDG for Gender Equality, and the 10th SDG for Reducing Inequalities. Our Digital Studio team, fully aligned with the purpose of this great collective action, voluntarily provided photography, videography, and video edit services, for the production of photo and video content from the race.

ClassVR for all Schools in Greece & Cyprus

VR and AR can improve Education by providing students with memorable experiences that would otherwise not be possible. Augmented and Virtual experiences have the power to engage and inspire students uniquely and powerfully. 


We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with Avantis Education, we now supply schools in Greece and Cyprus with the next cutting-edge teaching and learning tool. ClassVR is a groundbreaking and award-winning VR technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.

Our family is growing

We are extremely pleased to announce that our team grew by 3!

Always open to new, fresh ideas, we focus on welcoming valuable colleagues that will lead the way and innovate. Let us present our newest co-creators of content!

Vasilis is our new talented and inspired filmmaker that joined the DTMH Digital Studio, ready to blend fascinating visual and audio storytelling while sharing something personal and intimate with passion.

Smaragda joined the DTMH Technologies department, a couple of months ago, as Project Manager, dedicating her effort to new challenging projects. With high enthusiasm and great energy, Smaragda has become an essential addition to our Digital Tribe.

Alex is the youngest and newest member that joined the DTMH Digital Studio eager to share his fresh ideas and express his creativity! Alex is thrilled about gaming and has great knowledge about new Technologies and XR innovations.

Many awesome things happened during these first 90 days of 2022. And many more are yet to come! We will keep you posted about our next achievements and we look forward to hearing your inspiring ideas!

‘Till then, we wish you a lovely Easter break!